The Various Types of Legal Transcription

The world of legal transcription is most well-known for the services that are provided during court cases and in relation to other legal matters where the transfer of content takes place between an audio recording and written target text. Transcriptionists generally listen to a dictation from a legal professional or other individual concerning legal matters and then type the information into a document format.In addition, sometimes videos need to be transcribed such as in the case of video wills, and recorded lectures by law professors. Even text needs to be transcribed at times. This is especially true if the original is not in a document form such as passports, photos featuring text and so-on.There is an overwhelming need for legal transcription due to the sheer size of the legal and justice system. This service doesn’t simply apply to court room cases at the heart of the legal system however. Legal transcription is needed in a variety of areas.The Technical Side of Legal TranscriptionOne type of legal transcription involves documents that are more technical in nature. Usually this transcription is from text to text rather than from an audio source.Birth Certificates
PleadingsWhile each of these may be handled in document format, some can also be recorded in audio and video. In these cases it can be necessary to have a written version available for the purposes of precise documentation. Transcriptionists can transfer recorded content such as wills, contractual agreements and more into written legal record.Civil and Criminal Legal Transcription ServicesIn many situations, it is easiest or necessary to record the proceedings which will then need to be transcribed in written format.Interrogations
Witness and Victim Interviews
Other Interviews
911 Calls
Hand Written DocumentsThe audio and video recordings in each of these areas can be easily transcribed into written record by a transcription service.Dictation and Legal Transcription ServicesWithin the legal system there are a variety of professionals who have to work through their daily routines while providing documentation of the events that take place within their case loads. To save time on their parts, their documentation is typically handled through dictation, where those audio recordings (and sometimes video) are turned over to a transcription service so that a professional, accurate written record can be produced. This is most commonly seen with:Attorneys
Police Officers (Police Reports)
Medical Examiners (Autopsies)
Private InvestigatorsAcademic Legal Transcription ServicesWhile it’s convenient to have everything in print, this can’t always be done ahead of time. Such is the case with academic areas (legal or otherwise). Seminars are the most obvious issue as well as other spoken mediums such as lectures and dissertations. Courses and academic information provided through informational videos, podcasts and audio can all be tackled by a transcription service to produce written academic information.As long as we communicate through spoken means and pass the information through audio record (and video) there will be a need for legal transcription services. Professional legal transcription services will ensure that there will always be a way to accurately and professionally transfer content from audio/video to written record.